\ Dishwashing \

Specific know-how for the realization of metal sheet components for dishwashers.

SCAMM, thanks to the development of new technologies and to the specific acquired know-how, realizes automatic lines and tooling for the production of assembled tubs and components for dishwashers.
Each automatic production line is able to offer tailor made products according to the specific Customer needs. The tub components of each dishwasher can be assembled by mean of seaming process (proprietary know-how) welding and clinching.

For the dishwasher sector, SCAMM automatize the production of:

• Stainless steel and/or plastic seamed tubs
• Inner doors
• Side panels
• Built-in and free-standing doors
• Door hinges

SCAMM also manufactures dies and automatic stamping lines for the production of single stainless steel components of dishwashers.

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